Five in Boise

What we have been up to:

These pics are of the kids and their activities over the last couple of months.  A is #74 in the center of the top picture.  His home field is the smurft turf at the college.  E is posing with her 2 point buck that she got in November.  And the last pic is of C on Halloween.  She was going for the scary, yet beautiful vampire look.

Bat Boxes

Here is a shot of one of the bat boxes A built for his eagle project.  The post is 12' long and this is take from me on the ground looking up.  The bottom of the box is left open for the bats to get in and not a hole in the side like you would for a bird box.  The ledge lower on the post is for guano collection so the Bureau of Reclamation can see if anyone has moved in and how they are doing.  The purpose of doing these boxes is to try to keep the mosquito population at bay. 

Summer fun.

This picture is of me this summer.  I got together in D with several high school friends and we had a blast.  This is the beautiful Mustang that T rented for the weekend.  We went to a spa, out to eat, gambling and just got caught up.  I am looking forward to this coming summer when we can hopefully do it all again.

Our Anniversary

Okay, this is the last catch up with the times picture.  This one was taken of S and I on our anniversary cruise to Ensenada and Cabo San Lucas this last year.  We had a great time.  Neither of us had been on a cruise.  We did a couples massage, ate sushi, took a tour of a winery, zip lined across desert canyons, relaxed by the pool, ate waaay too much.  I loved it.  The only thing I didn't like about cruising is that you don't stay at the ports long enough to really see the places you are visiting. 

Alright I am going to try to get some pics of the new house on the blog by next week and get some current pictures going.